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Students returning to in person learning may exhibit some anxiety from the pandemic

Some students will be returning to in person learning after not stepping foot inside of a school in over a year.

Dr. Monique Winnett, a clinical psychologist with St. Joseph’s Health, has some knowledge on what to expect and how to handle the big change for kids who just spent over a year learning from their bedrooms.

One of the things Winnett reminds adults to keep in mind is that while kids can bounce back, it may take them awhile to adjust after the last year and a half.

Mental health support in school is crucial to some students says Winnett, and this past March, Onondaga County announced it would be putting $5.5 million into every school district to help students gain access to additional mental health services.

The biggest thing educators and parents need to remember is that there is no long term data on how the pandemic has really impacted children, and some type of impact is likely to surface at some point.