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Speed Awareness Week resulted in 23,087 speeding tickets this year

23,087 speeding tickets were handed out during the 2021 Speed Awareness Week, which were 1,600 more than the previous year.

37,746 tickets were given for different violations making the final number of tickets given out between July 31 and Aug. 8, 2021 60,833.

The DMV says that the peak for speed related fatal crashes is between June and October.

The number of fatal car crashes due to speed is increasing:

2019: 230 fatal crashes
2020: 314 fatal crashes

365 people died from these accidents in 2020 including drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

The following tickets were issued during speed awareness week:

Speeding: 23,087
Impaired Driving: 1,380
Distracted Driving: 1,185
Move Over Law: 652
Seatbelt: 2,359
Other Violations:32,170
Total: 60,833