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Why are the McDonald’s ice cream machines always broken? The FTC reportedly wants to know why too

The Federal Trade Commission investigating exactly why it is that McDonald’s McFlurry machines are always broken.

In an attempt to get to the bottom of why this is such a common occurrence, the FTC reached out to franchise owners and bluntly asked what was going on with their machines.

The machines apparently have a heat-cleaning cycle every night that lasts for 4 hours but it often fails, putting the machine out of order until a repairman can get to it.

Franchisees are frustrated with the failure of the ice cream machine, which makes up 60% of the dessert sales for the chain.

Some staff are so frustrated they’ve trained their staff to fix the machine themselves.

Taylor Commercial Foodservice, the manufacturer of the McFlurry machines, says the machines are fine and it’s the lack of knowledge about the equipment causing the issues.

A company called Kytch had designed a product that could maintain the machines, but McDonald’s disallowed their use saying they were not sanctioned and could pose a safety hazard.

Kytch has filed a lawsuit claiming a franchisee and Taylor were conspiring to steal Kytch’s design and use it themselves.

This likely stems from an executive order signed by Biden in which he said Americans should be allowed to repair any goods they purchase on their own.

Taylor said they don’t stop franchisees from repairing the machines how they see fit, but the machines will no longer be under warranty.

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