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New York expected to extend eviction moratorium until January 2022 as pandemic enters fall

Lawmakers in New York are expected to act in an extraordinary move, calling a special session and extending the eviction moratorium the that been active since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. While the pandemic eviction moratorium is set to end, lawmakers will likely act against advice of landlord groups across New York, who say tenants are taking advantage.

The state is struggling to distribute the hundreds of millions of dollars remaining in the federal pot that was expected to be distributed to New Yorkers facing eviction, or tenants. When Governor Kathy Hochul took office last week she promised a faster process for getting those funds out the door – and to tenants and landlords in need.

Throughout the pandemic tenant groups have said that landlords with few properties are facing the biggest challenge. Meanwhile, housing advocacy groups have said that an eviction crisis awaits New York and other states that allow eviction proceedings to move forward.

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“There is a recognition from the legislature, but finally, thankfully, from the governor that this is an issue that has to be addressed,” State Senator Gustavo Rivera said.

The expectation is that the eviction moratorium in New York will be extended through January 15, 2022, allowing the federal funds that have been earmarked for rental assistance to be distributed.

The extension would be separate from the U.S. Supreme Court ruling last week that allowed for some evictions in New York to resume – deciding that individuals cannot be judge of their own circumstances in court. The issue at play was a form that New Yorkers could fill out citing financial hardship during the pandemic.