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Sheriff: 30 arrests made at Mertensia Town Park in Farmington after overnight incident

A disturbance at Mertensia Town Park in Farmington led to the arrest of 30 people around 1 a.m. on Monday.

Around that time deputies received a call for a large group of people causing a disturbance at the park. The people in the large gathering – around 30 altogether – were blaring music and “doing donuts,” according to a press release from the sheriff’s office.

Upon arrival deputies say the group dispersed and attempted to flee. They were unable to do so though due to the number of law enforcement that arrived.

Sheriff Henderson reports that 30 trespass arrests took place due to the park being closed and posted signs indicated as much. These types of incidents have been an issue at the park, according to the release.

Out of the 30 arrests – 17 were juveniles, who are still subject to arrest for violation offenses under NYS Raise the Age, which limits the charges that can be filed against juveniles.

Sheriff Henderson said that all subjects were issued appearance tickets and will answer the charges at a later date.