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Leading SAFe® training Benefits and Beyond

The business decisions made by a leader play a very crucial role in the success of an organization. Their actions, mindset, and plans influence the functioning of an organization and its teams. True leaders keep themselves updated and learn continuously to upskill themselves. They keep themselves on par with the changing business scenarios and adapt accordingly. A Lean-Agile mindset serves as an intellectual and leadership foundation to apply the principles and practices of SAFe®. An agile framework is useful for people who oversee a company’s future.

Leading SAFe stands for Leading Scaled Agile Framework which offers an introduction to the foundations of SAFe. The underlying principles of Leading SAFe are derived from Lean, system-thinking, product development flow, Agile development, DevOps, and Lean Portfolio Management. Leading SAFe is suitable for a large number of teams. The SAFe framework of Agile methodology is the most promising and effective methodologies. It is ideal for enterprises expanding across multiple geographical locations, time zones, and cultures. More and more companies are transitioning into SAFe. It comes up with the high-quality delivery of both products and services. It provides some of the significant improvements to business agility.

What is a Leading SAFe certification?

A Lean-Agile Leader should have deep-rooted knowledge, mindset, and knowledge about the practices they have to exhibit to bring about changes that can influence the Agile teams and organizations as a whole. The best way to start for Lean-Agile Leaders is to obtain the Scaled Agile Framework’s “Leading SAFe” certification. This SAFe Agilist course will make you capable of applying Lean, Agile, and the Product Development flow principles to improve timely delivery, productivity, quality, employee satisfaction, and time-to-market. You will learn to apply SAFe in a company to benefit from achieving goals. Obtaining the Leading Certification proves that you have the qualities to bring about improvements in productivity by empowering high productivity teams.

What are the job roles offered to A Certified SAFe Agilist?

When you certify as a SAFe Agilist, the following job roles will be offered to you:

  • SAFe Scrum Master: A SAFe Scrum master overlooks and facilitates the Agile teams in an Agile organization.
  • SAFe Advanced Scrum Master: A SAFe Advanced Scrum master facilitates interactions between crucial stakeholders including product management and architects in the larger enterprise context.
  • SAFe Product owner: A SAFe Product owner finalizes the budget and prioritises the tasks. He/She takes decisions at the feature level.
  • SAFe Product manager: A SAFe product manager provides feature priorities to multiple teams in an Agile Release Train. He/She is responsible for managing stakeholders’ and customer demands.
  • Release Train Engineer: A Release Train engineer takes the lead in aligning every team perfectly, removing impediments, and bringing the Agile Release Train (ART) to run smoothly.
  • He/She applies Lean-Agile tools and skills to deliver value.
  • SAFe Program Consultant: A SAFe Program Consultant implements the whole SAFe framework in an organization. He/She performs the responsibilities to align the entire organization to a common language and facilitates coordination among multiple Agile Release Trains with a solutions train.

Who should take the Leading SAFe training?

Leading SAFe training is ideal for leaders who can influence employees and the organization, and hence the future of product/solutions development. They are as follows:

  • Executives who decide how the business will be carried out
  • Business unit heads who are responsible for financial investments
  • Heads of functions like IT, Engineering, sales, marketing, etc.
  • Agile Project managers and Program Managers who lead a development team and guide project managers
  • Technology leaders like distinguished engineers, enterprise and solutions architects who influence a significant number of employees.
  • Experienced software developers and business analysts who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in the lean Agile process.

What is the minimum experience required to take up the Leading SAFe certification program?

A minimum experience of 5 years in the software development field, like as a business analyst, developer, consultant, project manager, or consultant tester. Even testers who wish to enhance their skills and have the minimum work experience are eligible for the Leading SAFe certification program.

Individual benefits:

The benefits of Leading SAFe certification are as follows:

It is a globally recognized certification: Leading SAFe certification is globally recognized. You have the independence to work in the location of your choice. Also, highly reputed organizations and companies are recruiting experts in Leading SAFe methodologies. Companies prefer only skilled professionals since a lot is at stake. The role of a SAFe Agilist is very crucial and his/her decisions decide the future of the company. Therefore, recruiters look for certified candidates only. Companies hiring certified Leading SAFe professionals include Cognizant, PwC, Ericsson, Nokia, Societe Generale, Cisco, Barclays, John Deere, FitBit, etc.

Practical application: With the help of training, you gain the knowledge and principles of Lean, Agile, DevOps, and Lean Product Development. Project management is a complicated task at an enterprise level. If the project activities are not aligned to the end goal, it can lead to dead-ends. After the Leading SAFe training, you will be able to apply SAFe methodology to your projects successfully. You will be able to transform your organization into an Agile model. You will learn about the tools to lead distributed teams effectively in remote environments. You will be aware of the current market trends and challenges. You will get an opportunity to learn from Agile consultants and executive managers during your training.

Lucrative salaries: Since the decisions made by a SAFe Agilist are very crucial and account for the success or failure of a company/ organization. Therefore, they are highly esteemed in their companies. A certified SAFe Agilist is paid around 25% more than a non-certified Agilist. Companies will treat you as an asset due to the roles you perform. You will also get a chance to work on challenging projects. This will boost your profile and give you immense opportunities for learning and taking your career many steps higher.

Organizational benefits:

The organizational benefits of employees having Leading SAFe certification are as follows:

Faster time to market: Leading SAFe methodologies helps you to align cross-functional Agile teams to enhance faster delivery. Leveraging the power of SAFe will help you to make quick decisions and streamline operations. You will be able to enhance communication within the teams and between the Agile teams and the stakeholders which facilitate quick delivery. Leading SAFe certification trains you to focus on the customer. Also, SAFe methodologies help you with predictability and hence aids enhanced speedy release value.

Better employee engagement: SAFe methodology is transparent, simple, and straightforward and helps to build large and complex solutions. Since the ways of working are improved, it yields higher productivity from the teams. It helps to achieve autonomy, purpose, and mastery that motivates the Agile team members. You learn to facilitate communication across functional boundaries and hence more engagement of employees. You understand the challenges and mindset of the team members and promote regular feedback.

Improvements in quality: SAFe integrates the importance of quality in every stage of product development. This is one of the core principles of the SAFe methodology. It promotes fulfilling and more productive product development. SAFe makes it possible for multiple scrum teams spanning across different cultures and time zones, to build a complex project.

As businesses are evolving, so are the methods of project management. Leading SAFe methodologies cater to the needs of the dynamic business scenarios. More and more companies are adopting this approach due to the benefits it offers. Hence, the career scope is more and will keep on increasing in the coming future. If you want to start a career in this field with a good salary and career growth, you should definitely start by gaining a Leading SAFe certification.

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