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DEBRIEF: NY’s future with Hochul, Geneva City Councilor resigns, COVID reporting confusion, nuisance property in Auburn, and marijuana legalization (podcast)

Coming up on another edition of The Debrief Podcast presented by Josh Durso and Ted Baker are back in-studio talking about the biggest stories of the week. This time, all of the topics are based on YOUR questions.

> Looking ahead to New York’s future under Governor Kathy Hochul’s leadership. What are the expectations? What are people saying?

> Schools are heading back soon, and New York announced its testing expectations for faculty, staff, and students. Why is the state only partnering with one pharmacy?

> Expectations vs. reality on masking: Are people taking masks seriously as communities around the region move into high spread zones? What could change that?

> It could cost people money to avoid getting the COVID-19 vaccine now that its FDA approved. Are vaccine mandates going to work? United Airlines say they will terminate any employee who doesn’t get tested; while Delta says they will charge workers $200 per month. Is this going to be effective?

> It took several days, as well as a vague denial from the Mayor’s office, but obtained the resignation letter of Geneva City Councilor John Pruett. It took a FOIL request, which came after other media outlets reported on the letter and possessed it. What does this say about the hope of transparency in government?

> To boost or not to boost: World Health Organization says developed nations should hold off due to inequity, and the rise of additional variants in developing countries- yet the U.S. is moving forward with booster rounds. Should we be pumping the brakes?

> Changes are coming to the way Cayuga County reports COVID-19 cases. Now, they are separating ‘lab positives’ and ‘at home’ positives, creating mass confusion- and not really being specific about how many ‘new’ cases there are. Why not have a uniform reporting process?

> Businesses in Cayuga County fined months after restrictions lifted. Does this practice need to end?

> Nearly half of the U.S. wants government to kill misinformation online, according to new Pew research. Can freedom of speech and information coexist if government is given the responsibility of policing content?

> Residents get frustrated over marijuana legalization in Skaneateles. This is nothing new, though. How problematic is the opt-out clause in the new marijuana dispensing law?

> The City of Auburn through the Auburn Police Department has taken control of 8 Delevan Street. This is the nuisance property with dozens of police calls in recent months- and a homicide in 2019. Is this a viable solution or is a broader answer needed?