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Employers will mandate COVID vaccine now that FDA has granted approval: Can workers stop it?

Many public and private companies are moving to require COVID-19 vaccinations among staff and workers. Walt Disney World, Chevron, CVS, Michigan University, the State of New York, and many others are requiring workers to get vaccinated against COVID-19 after the FDA gave full approval to the Pfizer vaccine.

Others vaccines, like the one created by Moderna, is also expected to get full approval in the coming months, which will likely add to the total list of companies mandating it.

Coronavirus vaccines have been administered under emergency authorization from the FDA. Now that full approval has been granted to Pfizer, companies are moving to requiring the vaccine among its workforce. Not only to keep its staff healthy and safe- but to keep its workforce working in the coming months.

For months now, companies have been dealing with labor shortages associated with COVID-19 infections, especially among the rise of the delta variant. Now that there are concerns about other variants, companies are moving more quickly to ensure everyone is vaccinated against them.

Some of the opposition to vaccine mandates was associated with the lack of full approval from the FDA. That’s off the table now, according to Devjani Mishra, a New York-based attorney with the firm Littler Mendelson, which specializes in workplace matters.

While some companies have to work with unions to get vaccine mandates on the table, other companies without that representation will have significantly fewer hurdles- especially in New York where ‘at will’ employment rules.

Many hope that this move collectively pushes vaccination rates up in communities where few are currently vaccinated.

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