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Should you get a COVID-19 test before Thanksgiving?

Does a COVID-19 test clear you to see family members on Thanksgiving?

That has been a major question over the last several days. Especially as local and state health officials have sounded the alarm on rising coronavirus caseloads.

A negative COVID test doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’re not carrying the virus. Experts are reminding people of all ages that just because a person tests negative for COVID-19 one day, doesn’t mean that they couldn’t test positive the next.

That’s been a major challenge with the virus in general.

This week, Sheriff’s Offices across the region came out with stern messages about their enforcement efforts of at-home gatherings. The message was clear: There won’t be anyone checking up on your home heading toward the holiday break, but everyone should follow guidance from state and local health officials.

Dr. Helen Jacoby, an infectious disease specialist at St. Joseph’s Health tells that the answer is simply stay home. “We’ve decided not to see anybody but the people in our house,” she explained. “People should reevaluate whether they should go visit family for Thanksgiving, given the way Covid is exploding locally and across the country.”

Is a COVID test better than nothing if a small gathering is happening in your family? Absolutely. However, it doesn’t replace full-caution as cases rise in the region and state.

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