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Livingston County reports COVID vaccine and case data

The Livingston County Department of Health reports that the County’s current COVID-19 vaccination rate is 61.3%. In addition, there is a COVID-19 case volume of 96, weekly positivity rate over 5.7%, ICU bed capacity of 85%, and no hospitalizations related to the virus.

For residents who would like to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, appointments can be made through New York State at

“Even as many of the County’s current positive cases are among the vaccinated population, the facts are clear that – on a national level – the vast majority of cases leading to hospitalization and, sadly, deaths are among those who are not vaccinated,” stated Jennifer Rodriguez, Livingston County’s Public Health Director.

County Administrator Ian M. Coyle would like to commend Livingston County staff and residents for their resiliency and pragmatism during the latest COVID-19 wave.

“Our staff continues to serve the public with the highest regard for both safety and service, and our residents, customers, taxpayers and clients have been respectful and receptive to our continuation of operations during the pandemic. We are thankful for that,” stated Coyle.

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“In Livingston County, we have a strong tradition of both robust public health efforts and an emphasis on personal responsibility. Despite what you might hear in other places – we believe those two traditions are mutually compatible,” continued Coyle. “You have a role to play in the community. Be safe, smart and health-conscious. Know that vaccinations work. We have said all along that COVID-19 appears to be staying, and the virus will morph and have variants. The case volume, too, will have ebbs and flows.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Livingston County is at a high level of community transmission.

Coyle said, “Please understand what the classification of high means to Livingston County and the actual statistics. High for our county means 96 confirmed cases out of a population of over 61,000 residents. That, of course, means scores if not more of unconfirmed cases because of the often asymptomatic nature of the virus response in certain individuals. That being said, of our 96 confirmed positives, many are fully vaccinated individuals. Our vaccination rate is over 60% and rising daily, albeit very slowly at this point. While we still encourage the usual and customary vigilance and protective efforts in a pandemic, the sky isn’t falling. COVID-19 is here to stay, and you will likely get exposed to the virus. We will get through a variant wave like we got through other, previous waves of this pandemic.”

“From a county government operations perspective, our situation remains status quo. Our building access and mask policies currently in existence will continue as is for the present time,” continued Coyle.

For more information on COVID-19, please contact the Livingston County Department of Health at 585-243-7270 or visit