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Traffic issues in Victor at Exit 45 should be resolved by September

What’s the deal with traffic flow at Exit 45 along the New York State Thruway in Victor?

Motorists say they see near-misses on a daily basis, and getting on- or off- the Thruway can be a real challenge there. It’s a busy spot, and since the Thruway went cashless- it’s become a little more confusing.

First off, it’s an active work zone. There are orange signs and speed reduction notices all around. Secondly, as many know- it’s the busiest Rochester Thruway exit- unleashing motorists onto a busy stretch of State Route 96 and I-490.

The answer, as News10NBC learned this week, is that state Department of Transportation officials will get the signage situation sorted out at that interchange. But given that it’s under construction still- motorists are encouraged to slow down, take it easy, and remember that a fix is on the way.

“The exit 45 interchange remains an active construction site with a posted work zone speed limit. Crews are in the process of reconstructing the interchange as part of the Thruway’s system-wide Cashless Tolling project, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of September,” a spokesperson for the Thruway Authority told News10NBC. “Permanent overhead directional sign structures will be installed once the interchange is realigned into its final configuration. Until then, the area is a work zone, and all motorists should follow the posted speed limit, be alert and use caution. As a reminder, speeding violations are doubled in New York State work zones.”