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Everything to know about the Lambda COVID variant

While most people have learned about the Delta variant, not many have heard of the Lambda variant.

This new variant was actually first spotted back in August of 2022 in Peru and the first case in the United States was seen in Houston on July 22.

All together there are 843 cases in the United States of this variant.

No cases have made their way to New York yet.

Chile and Peru are ahead of the United States in number of Lambda cases, and 41 countries have seen at least one case.

A study released by Japanese researchers shows this new variant is highly contagious and even more resistant to vaccines.

The study have not been peer reviewed or studied.

The study shows that the mutations are in the spike proteins, which are what cause a strain to be resistant or not to vaccines.

Experts aren’t worried about the Lambda taking over as the dominant strain because it’s been around for awhile and has not spread globally the way Delta has.

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