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COVID Delta variant already hurting business in the U.S.

The economy is feeling the effects of the Delta variant, as COVID-19 surges across the U.S.

The repercussions from the latest surge is having an impact on staffing, production and manufacturing, as well as lowering profit expectations for upcoming months.

Overall, many economists have said that things are generally improving. But the question looming now is simple: Will this latest surge serve as a temporary slowing of that recovery- or be more detrimental in the long-term?

According to the Wall Street Journal the catch is that production in many sectors takes place outside the U.S.- where the surge of Delta variant is being felt more aggressively with low vaccination rates.

Employers in the U.S. are also moving to postpone their return to physical office spaces, which is prompting renewed concerns in the real estate market. Another real estate-related concern is the looming eviction crisis.

While some say that is overplayed- millions are still at risk of being evicted in the coming months.

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