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City of Geneva will discuss changing rules about sidewalk chalk, which is currently illegal

It has been determined that chalking on any street or sidewalk in the City of Geneva is illegal, even for kids to play hopscotch.

The City Council will meet Wednesday and discuss places and circumstances where sidewalk chalking could be permitted.

The discussion follows multiple instances where sidewalk chalking stirred controversy; August 7th about a year ago when someone chalked Black Lives Matter on the sidewalks and on the sidewalk in front of the Public Safety Building in April when someone wrote “uncalled for and harassing” things, according to Police Chief Mike Passalacqua.

Currently, the punishment for violating the City’s ordinance is over 40 hours of community service, and if someone would like permission to use sidewalk chalk need to fill out an application.

The council meeting will cover the proposal of changing the rules in order to allow more public art in the city as well as move away from a system that is complaint driven.