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Do you need a dehumidifier in your crawl space

The wet conditions in the crawl space could lead to many problems like mold growth and structural issues. If you live in a humid climate, then you should install a dehumidifier in your crawl space.


The dehumidifier reduces the moisture level in your house. The dehumidifier draws air over cold coils, condenses the moisture, passes it over the warm coil, and pumps it into the room. It is the working principle of a dehumidifier. It is usually installed in areas where the humidity level is high. If the humidity level in your crawl space is high, then a dehumidifier is the right solution for you.


  • It improves the air quality in your house. The air in the crawl space does not remain there. It flows to your living room. Poor air quality could lead to different respiratory problems.
  • If you can control the moisture in your crawl space, the number of pets entering your house will decrease. The presence of mold attracts the pets. If your crawl space is moisture-free, then the growth of the mold will drastically reduce. You must install a dehumidifier to overcome the pests issue in your house.
  • If the humidity level in your crawl space is more than 70%, then there is a high chance that the water will seep into the foundation, which will decrease your structural integrity. The dehumidifier solves this problem for you.

Humidity Range:

The humidity range in your crawl space must be from 30% to 55%. If your crawl space has more moisture, then you must consider installing a dehumidifier.


The dehumidifiers are not so expensive. They can save a lot of your money in the long run. You can buy a basement model of dehumidifiers for between $1500 and $2000. It is also not that expensive to run dehumidifiers. In the US, it can cost you from $0.72 to $3.23 daily.

Can dehumidifiers kill mold and pests?

No, the dehumidifiers cannot kill mold. Instead, they reduce the growth of the mold. The increased growth in the mold can attract more pests in the crawl space and ultimately into your house.


The use of the dehumidifier depends upon the situation of your crawl space. If your house is located in a highly humid area, you should keep it ON for at least 12 hours. For normal locations, the frequency of 8 hours is enough.


The best place to fit a dehumidifier in the crawl space is one where airflow is not blocked. It would help if you also considered the noise factor before installing the dehumidifier. It should be kept away from your living area.


The bottom line is that a dehumidifier is necessary to keep your crawl space in running condition. Otherwise, you cannot even enter it. Moreover, it also saves you from health hazards. It keeps the house stable. The running cost of a dehumidifier is also not high. It is highly recommended to install a dehumidifier in your crawl space. If you face moisture-related issues in your crawl space, always get crawl space repair services in Richmond. Only expert know how to deal with issues like bulging walls, cracks on ceilings, and uneven floors.

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