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Livingston County releases update regarding CDC guidelines and masks

On July 27, 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released updated interim public health recommendations for fully vaccinated people. In response, Livingston County would like to notify residents that the CDC announcement does not change the present practices and protocols in Livingston County. This Federal guidance document is in response to areas across the nation where infection rates are much, much higher. It is not a county law, nor will it be in the future.

Livingston County is not requiring masks for vaccinated people or staff in county buildings, and the procedures for building accessibility (which were altered to be more liberal on May 19, 2021) are still in effect and unchanged. The County has a vaccination rate of nearly 52%, a very low incidence of virus transmission, just a handful of active cases, and is months passed a positive COVID-19 case related to activity inside county buildings. Additionally, nearly 85% of Livingston County’s 65-and-older population is vaccinated.

“While the CDC felt it necessary to issue guidance for indoor mask wearing of vaccinated individuals in certain so-called high-risk areas, the guidance does not alter the current situation in Livingston County. The CDC classifies counties as either having High, Substantial, Moderate or Low levels of community transmission. We are listed as low, which is reflective of the low levels we are currently seeing,” said Jennifer Rodriguez, Livingston County’s Public Health Director.

The issue of mandatory vaccination has also been surfacing in certain local, state and federal government circles. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced today that New York will mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for state employees and patient-facing healthcare workers at state hospitals. In addition, the government of New York City has announced a vaccine or test mandate initiative as has the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

“From Day 1, our Public Health Department has made the vaccine available and has been on the forefront of access, messaging, and promotion of the vaccine to all residents. However, we also respect personal choice and we will not be mandating vaccines. We applaud the Governor’s recent comments on allowing County government discretion and autonomy as it relates to protocols on vaccines and public building access. Let the situational awareness, science, on-the-ground intelligence, and facts guide the decision-making process. Let the local leaders be responsible. This makes perfect sense and is logical, practical and pragmatic,” stated Livingston County Administrator Ian M. Coyle.

Currently, the Livingston County Department of Health (LCDOH) is scheduling vaccination clinics for those who are age eligible until the end of July. LCDOH will only offer the Johnson & Johnson (one dose) or a second dose of Moderna. Both are for 18 years of age and older.

For assistance with vaccinations or to make an appointment, please click here or contact the Livingston County Department of Health at 585-243-7299.