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Reclaiming your Saturdays: 5 tips for spending less time on yardwork

Having a brag-worthy yard is high atop the to-do list for many homeowners. After all, almost nothing beats a festive get-together or a relaxing night alone in the comfort of a yard that you can feel proud of. Still, the sometimes grueling and always time-consuming effort required to curate a show-stopping yard can have you ready to return to apartment life in no time. 

If you’re ready to reclaim your Saturdays by cutting down on time spent on yard work, check out these tips for plant parents and casual yard-owners alike. 

Don’t settle for subpar. Select a high-quality grass seed. 

When it comes to yard work, lawn care is an infamous time suck. Cheap or low-quality grass seeds produce finicky and high-maintenance lawns that tend to require excessive amounts of watering, cutting, and fertilizing. Luckily, you don’t have to settle. Investing in a high-quality grass seed from companies like these will save you countless afternoons roasting in the summer sun. Better quality seed produces grass that is not only greener and better looking but is also more resilient, adaptive, and requires less upkeep. 

Utilize pots when planting

While freely planted plants can spread weeds and grow into unintended areas, potted plants remain contained for the duration of their life. By making the switch to potted varieties, you’ll spend more time enjoying your yard and less time weeding and preventing plant crowding. What’s more, potted plants allow for seamless yard reorganization without the hassle of uprooting and replanting your precious pansies. 

Employ a handy tarp

Yard cleanup just might be the least desirable of all yard work chores, but you can cut down on hours of mess cleanup by utilizing a large tarp. Layout a plastic or vinyl tarp to rake leaves or discard dirt and weeds onto so that you can quickly carry the waste to be thrown away instead of slowly scooping materials into a garbage receptacle. 

Buy self-watering plant containers 

If you dream of a vibrant yard speckled with healthy flowers and plants but can’t stand how much time you spend watering the flora, consider buying self-watering plant containers. These eco-friendly time savers prevent water loss and water the plants frequently by storing seeped or evaporated water in a soil cover reservoir. Not only are most self-watering containers stylish and aesthetically appealing, but they’ll also do wonders for your water bill. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help 

While toiling over weeds on a Saturday afternoon may not appeal to you, you may have a child or teen in your neighborhood (or household) who’s eager to make some extra money. In that case, delegate simple tasks to young people in your life and offer to compensate them for their time. You’ll find yourself spending less time on tedious yard work tasks, and your helper will enjoy the supplemental cash and outdoor time. 

In conclusion 

The ultimate necessary evil doesn’t have to monopolize your weekend. Once you employ these hacks, you’ll have plenty of time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view from your front porch.

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