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SYRACUSE SPEAKS: Obstacles facing AHL looking ahead to 2021-22 season (podcast)

In this episode, recorded July 19th, 2021, Alex welcomes back AHL writer Patrick Williams. The two of them cap off the final episode of season three of the podcast with a chat about where the league has been, where it might be going, and a range of other topics. Throughout the episode, the two touch on how much the AHL accomplished by just surviving 2020-21 and the biggest obstacles facing the league and its teams for 2021-22.

They also discuss how both of them are looking forward to the return of a league-wide Calder Cup playoff series, and how important the AHL playoffs are to player development. They specifically touch on how a decade-long cycle of Calder Cup champions, Calder Cup finalists, and various other playoff appearances nudged the Tampa Bay Lightning to two successive Stanley Cups in the NHL. They also have an in-depth discussion about the importance of a positive AHL/NHL partnership, and how Syracuse and Tampa are a perfect example of what organizations should aim for.