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Students join Schuyler County Coalition on Underage Drinking and Drugs to design prevention stickers

The Schuyler County Coalition on Underage Drinking and Drugs (SCCUDD) partnered with ten area businesses to hold a three day alcohol retailor sticker shock event June 18,19, and 20. The project consisted of youth designed substance abuse prevention stickers being placed on alcohol products and bags asking patrons to help stop underage drinking. This year’s sticker was designed by SCCUDD member and rising Odessa-Montour senior Aidan Thurston.

The message on the sticker reads “Give graduates the gift of health, stop underage drinking.” A timely message for high school graduations and the celebrations that come with them. Businesses that partnered with SCCUDD in making the project such a success included the Odessa Dandy Mini Mart, Linda’s Citco, Montour Falls Wine & Spirits, the Hector Dandy Mini Mart, TOPS Friendly Market, Walmart, Wright’s Beverages, Sinclair, Watkins Glen Wine & Spirits, and the Burdett Dandy Mini Mart.

“3 days, 10 alcohol retailors, and 2000 stickers going out into the community” stated SCCUDD Project Coordinator. “All ten businesses were welcoming and helpful. We are already talking about making it even bigger for next year!”

It is never too soon to start talking to your child about the dangers of underage drinking. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) nearly 10% of children age 12 say the have tried alcohol, by age 15, that number jumps to 50%, and by the time they are seniors the number rises to nearly 70% will have tried alcohol. To learn more about the dangers of underage drinking, or to start the conversation with your child about the dangers of underage drinking:

SCCUDD is a group of dedicated community members, businesses, and agencies that work to prevent, reduce, and delay the onset of substance use among Schuyler County youth by collaborating with our community partners, promoting prevention education and substance-free activities, and implementing environmental strategies. SCCUDD works to reduce youth use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs as they can cause lifelong problems. SCCUDD’s vision is a connected community where youth have education, resources, and drug-free options to help their journey to become happy, healthy adults.

For more information, or to become involved with SCCUDD, visit SCCUDD online at, or follow SCCUDD on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Nicole Wu, Wright’s Beverages
Alta Alka Owner, Linda’s Citco and Montour Falls Wine & Spirits
SCCUDD member Sue Silhan at the Burdett Dandy Mini Mart
Shane Mosher, manager Hector Dandy
SCCUDD members Gretchen Silliman and Karen Thurston at Sinclair