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Moravia principal who was placed on leave without explanation receives $380K settlement, early retirement

The Moravia principal who was under investigation during the 2021 school year and placed on administrative leave will exit the district.

But it will come with a $380,000 price tag for those in the district.

Bruce MacBain was placed on administrative leave without any public explanation earlier in the year. And last week, The Citizen reported a deal in which MacBain would ‘retire early’ in exchange for $382,000 and fully-paid lifetime health insurance.

The district’s Board of Education approved the resignation at a special meeting. The resignation was listed as effective for June 30.

The $380,000 will be paid in several lump sum payments, accounting for vacation, sick time, and other categories, according to the district. They will all be made by July 31.

The early-retirement agreement includes a confidentiality clause that covers both sides. This means that the public will likely never know what led to this moment- or what was, or was not founded among the claims.

During the spring MacBain posted to Facebook that he was placed on administrative leave due to a number of unfounded allegations. He didn’t say in that post what they were- and even said that he wasn’t told by the district what they were. The district, at the time, maintained that it was conducting an investigation