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Balloon litter a cause for concern in New York

Briana All, Fish and Wildlife Technician, collected over 50 balloons and put them on display as a way to show the public the dangers of what they can do to the environment.

Often balloons and their strings are found far from where the originated in sensitive ecosystems like water, woods, or fields, and can pose a threat to wildlife.

Wildlife will eat balloons thinking they’re food, blocking their intestines and causing them to starve. They can also become tangle or strangled in them.

Balloons should be tied down tight during celebrations and disposed of in trash, not recycling. People can send photos of balloons they find littered to the DEC and educate themselves on balloon litter and pollution. Alternatives to balloons can also be used, like bubbles, bells, paper or fabric garlands, reusable banners, or planting a native tree, shrub, or flowers in remembrance of a loved one.