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Auburn police chief: “Won’t be much more released” after Holland Stadium fight video prompts investigation

Auburn Police Chief Shawn Butler says the investigation into a fight between two girls at Holland Stadium remains active.

He spoke with Finger Lakes News Radio about the incident, which shows a female victim being dragged by the hair before being thrown to the ground- then kicked and stomped in the head.

The girl’s father- Jason Meyers, told The Auburn Citizen that his daughter suffered injuries and was ‘distraught’ over the ordeal.

He also expressed concerns about how the district and police are handling the matter. At this point, he’s not ruling out legal action of his own.

Chief Butler described the video as ‘horrific’ and expressed his sorrow for the situation in Auburn. “We’re thankful that she didn’t suffer more serious injuries,” he added. “She was hurt though, and that is enough.”

As for the prospect of the public learning more about the situation- Butler says that due to the age of those involved- details will not be released. “This does involve several juveniles,” he explained. “So there won’t be much more information that is released.”

Auburn PD investigating after fight caught on camera, shared on social media near Holland Stadium

– Monday, 6 a.m.

Police are investigating an incident that occurred outside Holland Stadium last week.

On Wednesday, the incident between two girls was caught on video and shared on social media. It shows one girl dragging another by the hair before forcing her to the pavement.

The girl on the ground was repeatedly struck and kicked- then had her head stomped by the other girl.

Auburn Superintendent Jeff Pirozzolo said he learned about the incident hours after going on to summer break. The Auburn Citizen says police have spoken with the family of the victim- who suffered a concussion and bruises.

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Below is a statement from Superintendent Pirozzolo:

Dear Auburn Families,

Thank you to all who brought the incident that occurred at Auburn Junior High School on Wednesday evening to my attention. Because this event took place after school hours and after summer break had already started, it was never officially reported to me until today. The school district is working in partnership with the Auburn Police Department to conduct a thorough investigation regarding this violent episode. Whether school is in session or not, violence on school property will not be tolerated, and those involved will be disciplined accordingly.

Again, thank you to those that brought this matter to my attention. Please do not hesitate to bring anything like this to my attention so that we can mitigate the situation as soon as possible.


Jeffrey Pirozzolo
Superintendent of Schools
Auburn Enlarged City School District