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Steuben County offers “Easy Rider” to eligible seniors in need of transportation

The office for the aging in Steuben County is working with DSS to help provide transportation for people aged 60 and older.

After taking a survey, Christine Towner, RSVP coordinator for Steuben County, says close to 70% of older adults have said transportation is an issue for them.

The solution is called Easy Rider, where a bus will go door to door anywhere in the county.

Individuals are asked to make reservations a day in advance.

Anyone using a wheel chair or walker will be unable to use the Easy Rider because the level of certification required for that type of transportation isn’t something the county was prepared for.

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Currently the bus can hold 7 riders at one time. While everyone who has utilized the transportation has been accommodated, there will likely be a time when waiting lists are used.

The county is looking for a van companion volunteer to ride with seniors and help them get on and off the bus, load and unload grocery items and help push the cart or navigate stores.

Seniors who use this service aren’t simply just trying to get their errands done, but are also looking to socialize.

The program is free to any eligible seniors and masks are always required, regardless of vaccination status.

The van goes out every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning and riders will have an hour to shop at each location. Steuben County residents can reserve a spot by calling 607-664-2298.

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