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Most common mistakes when making a resume

Making mistakes when preparing a Curriculum Vitae are usually frequent and can be the reason why we don’t get that awaited job interview that we have been waiting for so much.

A Curriculum Vitae is the first thing that recruiters see and the first impression they have from the candidates will depend on what they present in their CV and the way it is presented.

This situation is the cause of many rejections of job applications, for which the interested people find difficult to get a job, or at least one that is adapted to their work profile.

If you do not have the preparation and knowledge to ensure that your CV is well designed or written, it will be better to put this under the charge of trained personnel. If you want more information, go and check in Resume Example website, there you can find the proper advice and knowledge of everything you need to know in order to prepare a successful CV.

Eight common mistakes you should avoid when making your CV

  1. You should never put just “CV “as a title: Is one of the most common mistakes made when writing a CV. If you want it to stand out a little more, it is preferable to also put your name in letters larger than the rest of the text and then include your personal data.
  1. Having an inappropriate email address: it is convenient that during the job search process you create an appropriate email address for work purposes only. Leave your usual address for personal matters and always use the same one for work matters. You can create an address with your name and surname, initials, etc., that is simple and serious.
  1. Make spelling mistakes: it is perhaps the most critical and damaging mistake when writing a resume. Today there are hundreds of pages on the Internet where you can consult the most frequent spelling doubts, dictionaries, proofreaders … use them.
  1. Not focusing the Curriculum Vitae on the position: It is very common for people to prepare a single version of a CV, although the applications are for very different positions, this is not good, since the requirements may vary from one position to another
  1. Never use non-understandable or highly technical language: avoid very elaborate words, abbreviations or technicalities, this will not be beneficial for most of the positions you’re applying for, however, you must analyze if the position you want requires this.
  1. Include Hobbies not related to the position: It is also a very common mistake to include activities or hobbies that have nothing to do with the job you are applying for.
  1. Be too creative: it is good to be creative, but not over the top at the cost of simplicity and clarity. Many candidates wanting to stand out over their competition, prepare a CV with many colors, sizes and fonts different from those normally used. Don’t, please. Stick with the classic style and most used fonts, remember, from a professional point of view at least.
  1. Being incoherent: the lack of coherence is unforgivable. Before submitting the CV, always remember to check the dates and other details, which must be synchronized so that they make sense with what is written.

Now you know how to avoid some of the most common CV mistakes. Make sure to accompany your CV with a personalized cover letter for each job offer. Good luck on your next application.

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