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Manchester-Shortsville district is seeking a new lease with the community library

The current lease that the Manchester-Shortsville Central School District has with the community library is out of compliance with the law, resulting in the search for a new lease.

The Red Jacket Community Library was given 18 months notice to relocate.

The current agreement with the library has safety issues, one being a direct violation of the laws surrounding a school having only a single point of entry. By remaining open to the public and community while school is in session, community members are allowed to enter school grounds without furnishing their license; the way a school is able to tell if someone is on the Sex Offender Registry.

This could also cause potential issues during a lockdown, when the school is forced to manage students and members of the public at the same time.

Summer school and teacher trainings also happen in the library, which will be open to the public at the same time this summer.

The school is working with the community library to come up with a plan that allows for a lease that is compliant with New York State laws.

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