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Concerns for boaters as lake levels run below average

Low water levels are cause for concern along Lake Ontario. At least for boaters. It’s an unusual problem brought on by the lack of rain over the last two months.

Despite a rainy start to the month, most of the region remains more than an inch-and-a-half below ‘average’ for May rainfall.

On Lake Ontario, parts of it are 2-3 feet below average. That’s been a difficulty for boaters, especially at certain marinas like the Port of Rochester.

“Our docks just aren’t long enough to get their boat in the water safely,” says Marianne Warfle, general manager of the Port of Rochester Marina. “It’s definitely more of a concern for bigger boats, they have a bigger draft, and obviously need more water to navigate.”

While there are showers in the forecast- a steady rainfall is what’s needed most.

It’s not just Lake Ontario, either. Most lakes in the region are running below average for water levels.

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