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New York will lose one Congressional seat, fell just 89 people short of maintaining representation

Preliminary data from the 2020 census count are in and that’s not the best news for New Yorkers.

Specifically, the state is going to lose an electoral vote in 2024, which will bring it down from 29 votes currently- to 28 votes beginning that year.

The data released on Monday, in which more will be released later this year- will be used collectively by state legislature’s to determine how redistricting will take place.

That matters because at this point- it appears New York State was less than 100 more census applications away from maintaining the Congressional seat it will now lose. That’s right, preliminary data shows that the state was 89 ‘people’ or completed, verified census applications away from maintaining its current level of representation in Washington, D.C.

Now, the process will begin to determine how that one lost seat will be split up. To date, many political watchers say that with Rep. Tom Reed not seeking re-election- his seat- the 23rd District, which covers a vast majority of the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier, would be the easiest to split up among surrounding districts.

It’s not entirely clear if that’s the route the state will take- but the Democrat controlled legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo will handle that process.