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Rochester Red Wings announce 2021 ticket details, COVID-related changes

The Rochester Red Wings’ season is set to begin May 4 – and fans can expect many changes brought about by COVID-19.

The team’s first home game is scheduled for May 18, and capacity limits will be in place. Currently, the team is allowed 20% capacity, and fans will have to stay six feet apart.

Game scheduling is also going to be different. In a normal season, players only get one day off a month, playing nearly every other day. This year, to help keep players safe, they will get one day off a week.

“It’ll be a little bit different, but every Monday is be a day off, and we’ll play every Tuesday through Sunday,” said General Manager Dan Mason. “So, still a pretty good work week for most of us, six days a week, but for the players, it’s a big change – and I’m sure a welcome change.”

Mason adds this year, Minor League teams will only be playing others in their division, and instead of homestands lasting six to eight days, teams will play one another for six days in a row at a time.

The team’s ticket office is opening on May 10, with tickets being sold one homestand at a time. Fans can purchase up to eight tickets together; suite rentals will also be available.

Due to capacity restrictions, ticket prices will be going up – however the team is hopeful for a return to normal pricing in the future. For now, advanced 100-level and 200-level tickets are $20 and $15, respectively, while respective day-of prices are $22 and $17.