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Can employers force workers to get the COVID vaccine?

Can your employer force you to get the COVID-19 vaccine? That’s been a question circulating since the pandemic began.

News10NBC has looked into it- providing some context. Matthew Fusco spoke with them about the implications of an employer forcing a worker to get the COVID vaccine.

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“Only if your boss can show it’s essential to the job. If you’ve been working without it, what made it essential now? Just the fact that it’s available? I think your boss would have a hard time proving that. If you’ve been working from home and your boss says we’re eliminating working from home and to come back you have to have a vaccine, that’s probably a legitimate demand,” he explained.

Experts contend that it isn’t really likely to see employers force the vaccine. If you’re in a high-risk environment- like a nursing home, then it might be a different story.

Fusco says that at the end of the day- most employers will simply encourage getting the vaccine.

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