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Moravia principal on paid leave takes to Facebook to address community

There are even more questions swirling around Moravia than before after principal Bruce MacBain was placed on administrative leave.

That’s because he posted on Facebook that the entire thing is a mystery- even to him. The district cited personnel privacy concerns, noting that they could not go into further detail.

“I was shocked to discover on March 11 that I was being placed on “paid administrative leave’,” MacBain wrote. “There was no warning or hint that this was happening. I walked into a meeting that was scheduled to be a negotiations meeting and instead it was an ambush. I was told the District had received numerous complaints about me. When I asked what the charges were, the District said they couldn’t say until they had investigated them, and that the investigation would ‘take a while’.”

The ousted principal alleges that he was denied the opportunity to resolve any issue that may have arisen, and was told to collect his things and exit the building.

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“I was told I could not talk to anyone at school about the investigation. As I was leaving the School Resource Officer was in the hallway and my Union President walked me out to my car. Soon after my leftover belongings have been packed up and my nameplate has been taken off the office entrance,” MacBain continued. “I may not know what the specific allegations are, but I can assure you I have done nothing immoral. I do push people to be their best, and not everyone likes being pushed. I ask questions and I’ll tell you when I disagree, but I always present alternative ideas to consider and I’m always looking for the ‘best idea in the room’. I am willing to bruise others’ egos if it is in the best interests of the Moravia program. I will fight if I see an injustice has occurred. I hope these are traits I have instilled in our students and staff. My intent is always to promote the best interests of the students, staff, and families of Moravia.”

MacBain went on to note that he was thrilled about the prospect of getting more students back in the building as spring continued.

“I have devoted my life and career to Moravia. Other administrators have come and gone, but I stayed. And I am nowhere near done,” he continued. “I am concerned about how this recent prolonged period of unknown and lack of communication unfairly added a burden of stress on an educational community already exhausted by the stress of the Pandemic. There is so much work to do with bringing back students. It’s more than just the welcoming- we need to plan for how to close the gaps that have occurred the past year, balance that with social-emotional learning, and move forward at the same time. The Pandemic has created issues in education that will affect us for years. That will be challenging, but I never back down from a challenge! Although I have not been allowed in the building since March 11, I have been ready to work every day, and I remain focused on the work ahead. I only hope I get that chance.”