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Lawmaker calls for full-audit of nursing homes in New York

Some lawmakers want to see more oversight in nursing homes across New York.

State Senator Sue Serino tells Spectrum News that the state’s comptroller should be conducting a thorough audit of nursing home policies and regulations to give a full accounting of the problems these facilities face.

“The same people who thought the March 25 order was a good idea are now in charge of negotiating a State Budget that will have a very real impact on the health and safety of those in nursing homes and residential healthcare facilities,” Serino said.

The proposal comes after the legislature moved to fully repeal the immunity provisions inserted into last year’s budget- granting nursing homes and other long-term care facilities protection from future lawsuits.

“To pass legislation—or to include policy proposals in the flurry of State Budget negotiations—without a full, independent review of the state’s response to the COVID crisis in our nursing homes defies logic,” she added.

At this point, there are a lot of questions- and not nearly enough answers.

“To date, we have no understanding of how or why certain decisions were made, and the Legislature’s Supermajority has blocked every attempt we put forward to get those answers,” Serino continued. “Today, when given yet another opportunity to do right by the thousands of grieving families who are desperate for answers, they again chose inaction. We will not stop pushing for the answers and accountability these residents, their loved ones and the dedicated staff who care for them deserve.”