$1,400 for most adults, as well as up to $3,600 per child for parents in COVID relief bill

The third COVID-19 relief package will get across the finish line on Wednesday. But when will stimulus checks arrive in your mailbox?

The $1,400 checks will go out to Americans making less than $75,000. Couples who file taxes jointly will need to make less than $150,000 if they expect to see a $2,800 check delivered to them.

The checks will phase out at $80,000 and $160,000 respectively.

Parents are also going to receive a $1,400 payment per dependent. College students and adult dependents will be included.

Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says it’s going to take around two weeks to get the checks out. That means by late-March, those checks will likely hit mailboxes.

He also says that they will arrive quickly without error. Something that didn’t happen the first two times. Some had to wait until they filed their taxes this year to claim funds they were owed last year as part of the first two stimulus checks.

There’s also a major tax credit in play for parents with children. Those with children under 6-years-old will get payments totaling $3,600. If the child is between 6-17 the payment will be $3,000.

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