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Despite hope, most bugs are not bothered by cold winters, but less stink bugs possible this spring

Less bugs because of the cold?

As it turns out, the effect of prolonged cold, or even back-and-forth temperatures can have an impact on how many bugs we see in the Finger Lakes and Central New York.

The stink bug is an invasive species in Western and Upstate New York. New reporting by notes that because of the cold weather seen in the early part of February- the population of these critters could be reduced in the spring.

But it won’t be the cold snap in early-February that did it. They spoke with Brian Eshaneur, part of Cornell’s integrated pest management program. “With subzero temperatures and fluctuations in temperatures, we may lose some of the population, so we might start out with lower numbers,” he explained.

However, while there might be fewer stink bugs- ticks and mosquitos are likely to be just as fierce as normal years.

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