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Sheriff: Yates County police reform plan incorporates wearing multiple hats

Sheriff Ron Spike says his county’s police reform plan involves a ‘guardian mindset’, which he contends was desired by the community.

Officials in Yates County unveiled the draft plan late last week.

“I have always said we wear two hats — one as a police officer and the other as a peace officer,” Spike told the Finger Lakes Times. “In some situations, we have to find a way to resolve a situation without arresting someone.”

Yates Legislature Chair Doug Paddock and Sheriff Spike worked tirelessly with members of the community to come up with a formidable plan to reform policing- which falls in line with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s request for reinvention.

“As a state accredited agency, we meet most of them already,” Spike said, noting his office recently was re-accredited for another five years. “That puts us in good position to address many of the standards and components.”

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