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Tenants deal with worsening conditions as sale of apartment building waits state funds

Housing has been complicated by the coronavirus pandemic. While there has been a lot of focus on evictions, or the lack of those proceedings, an apartment building in Port Byron has gone under the microscope over a major issue.

The property is in the process of being sold to a Rochester developer. DePaul Properties, is under contract to purchase the Church Street Apartments from Housing Management Resources, a Massachusettts-based company.

The purchase is ultimately contingent on DePaul receiving funding from New York State’s office of Homes and Community Renewal.

In the meantime, tenants of the units say things are getting worse-and-worse. DePaul’s plan is to build a new building in front of the existing one. The old complex would be demolished and its tenants would be moved into the new building.

The project would cost around $26 million.

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