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‘Master Distiller’ Peter Cheney opens Smoking Tails Distillery in Phelps

Peter Cheney has gone from funeral director to ‘Master Distiller’, to now opening his very own distillery in the place he calls home.

He won the TV show ‘Master Distiller’ and has opened up his very own distillery. It’s called ‘Smoking’ Tails Distillery’.

“We are a small craft distillery, focusing on small batch high quality spirits. Home of MooseKnuckle Moonshine & the Undertaker’s Spirits. Our main goal is to produce high quality spirits so everyone can find something to tickle their tastebuds,” the distillery’s Facebook Page reads.

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Cheney says they have focused on developing a reasonable base of spirits. “We have Apple Pie, Sinister Cinnamon (their take on Fireball), rye whiskey, we also have the four grain that I did on the show, and we have a raspberry vodka,” he told Bourbon is also in the works.

As for motivation – it’s all about being involved in the community that they call home. “To us, that’s what this is about,” Cheney added. “Community involvement, other local businesses, supporting each other.”

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