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Another round of stimulus checks are coming: Biden promises total of $2,000

President-elect Joe Biden unveiled his first major legislative action upon taking office on January 20th at a televised address on Thursday.

In it he unveiled plans to focus additional relief for Americans struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic. He says getting $2,000 checks out to the American people will be a priority and necessity. He also boasted relief for localities and states, who have been hardest hit by the pandemic.

As far as the stimulus is concerned – those who received $600 already will get $1,400 more. Those who have not will be eligible for $2,000 checks. This effort has already seen broad Republican support, and President Donald Trump also supported the larger checks.

Biden will also push to extend the unemployment benefits that Americans are receiving right now, as jobs remain hard to come by. The total cost of this package falls a shade under $2 trillion.

As for the stimulus checks: They could be in the mail within three or four weeks.

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If you missed the address – you can watch it below: