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SAFETY MOMENT: Walking safely in the winter

Editor’s Note: Safety Moment is a monthly feature by Kyle Black of Seneca Meadows.

We have covered this concept in the past – safely walking on ice and snow.  It’s called the penguin shuffle.  It is the final offensive push, or last line of defense depending upon your perspective.  The snow has been shoveled, and the salt has been applied.  Your boots have good treads, and now walking like a penguin is the best way to avoid a slip and fall that might only be embarrassing, but likely to be far worse.  And please remember your COVID related personal hygiene essentials when leaving the house – mask and sanitizer.

Make it a safe day.  It starts with one.

How to walk like a penguin:

  • Spread your feet out, at shoulder width
  • Keep your hands free
  • Keep your center of gravity over your front foot
  • Take short steps or just shuffle along slowly
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