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8 essay writing tips in business communication

There are three basic forms of communication. They are verbal communication, non verbal communication and written communication. Essay writing in general is a form of written communication and it is used a lot in business to inform or persuade an audience. The essay writer EssayWriterFree emphasizes that knowing how to write a business communication essay means that you. Knowing how to write a business communication essay means that you know the working process and strategies used by big firms and companies to endorse their brand through business communication.

A business communication essay has a wide range, from inter-office organisation to marketing operations and even managerial behaviour. You must always know and address what the audience cares about since you are directly communicating with them.  

Because of the nature of this essay students usually resort to outsourcing their work to a college essay writing service because they offer the quality content needed in an essay like this. But in the course of this article we will point you in the right direction and give you tips to go along and  soon enough you will be writing business communication essays like a pro.


Create your outline

Before you begin on your essay, it is advisable to put together a distinct outline. The outline is a draft with a plan on how to go about writing the essay. It should contain a well structured introduction, body and conclusion all laid out in paragraphs.

Choose a topic

When writing a business essay you could  be given a topic to write on if not do well to choose a good topic. Something you can easily elaborate on. Remember you are trying to communicate with the audience so choose a topic that will be of significance.

Do your research 

When writing a business communication essay , information is required, go online, visit a local library, meet some experts or even your lecturer, gain valuable information that will be used in writing your essay. Remember that the main essence of the essay is to discuss a subject that matters to the audience and provide insight to it.

Introduce your essay

Your essay should have a business introduction, clearly communicating the issues connected to the topic. This part must immediately attract the reader and gain his or her attention. Use a hook or a rhetorical question to have the reader wanting to know more. If at this stage you are not feeling very confident in your skill,  patronise a college essay writing service have a look at their layout and learn a thing or two from there. Keep in mind that your introduction should be concise and to the point. Make sure to express the means of internal and external communication and also include verbal and non verbal messages. 

Have a good essay structure

The most common essay structure to use is the introduction-body-conclusion type and for writing a business communication essay it will suffice.

Dedicate each paragraph of the body to making a point. In order for the audience to be aware that you know how to write these types of essays let each paragraph for each point have an introduction and concluding sentence.

Set the tone

Examine the theme and nature of your essay, make sure that you are writing with an active instead of a passive voice. Be firm but polite. Also present your points professionally. Represent the manner of communication used to portray the essay.

Revise and proofread

Now it is time to fine tune your work. Carefully go through your work from start to finish. Be sure to scrutinise each line in search of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and even wrongly misrepresented ideas. It is advisable to take a break and then come back to it with a fresh and open mind and then revise the work all over again.

Many college essay writing services provide proofreading services if you are not entirely confident of your editing skills. Nonetheless it is not a bad idea for a different pair of eyes, say a friend or relative to go through your work and help to point out any mistakes.


You do not become good at writing essays by writing it just once. Repetition is one of the ways humans learn. Try to draft essays in your spare time and watch yourself become better at writing essays.

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