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Jordan-Elbridge schools go remote due to COVID-19 crisis

The Jordan-Elbridge Central School District is going remote.

The district announced that due to concerns around COVID-19 and increased infections – remote learning will be utilized through January 4th.

That means the next several days of classes, ahead of holiday recess will be conducted remotely.

“The Covid hotline, literally rang all day yesterday. We have many families in the community dealing directly with Covid and we have many students being tested and awaiting results. Although I think we could probably limp our way to Dec. 23, I fear it would come at a cost of having to quarantine additional staff and students and I don’t want to do that to anyone over the holidays,” Superintendent James Froio said.

Students are expected to be able to return in early-January, but Governor Cuomo warned that a full-shutdown could be possible by that point across the entire state.