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How much of the COVID-19 vaccine will come to the Finger Lakes?

During his first virtual press conference on Wednesday Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the Finger Lakes region would see a little over 11,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine when the first wave is distributed in the coming days.

Approval is expected this week- or next for the vaccine itself, which is produced by Pfizer.

When the Food and Drug Administration approves the vaccine, the state would conduct a quick review and then approve state-use. Nursing home employees and residents will get the vaccine first, then high-risk health care workers.

New York State has set up approximately 90 regional distribution centers, where the vaccine can be safely stored and held. The second shipment will arrive approximately 21 days after the first round, which will be for the second dosage of those vaccinated.

Central New York will receive 6,400 doses. While the Southern Tier will receive 4,500 doses.

WATCH: Governor Cuomo gives COVID-19 briefing on Wednesday (video)