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Grocery store in Port Byron fined $500 for violating COVID-19 regulations

Altogether there were 10 businesses that were handed fines on Tuesday at a Cayuga County Board of Health meeting.

One of them received a heftier-than-typical fine, because it was their second offense.

Ed and Jean’s Market in Port Byron was fined $500, which was dropped from $1,000, according to The Citizen after two employees were seen not wearing masks.

A manager of the market contended that the rules should not apply to those two individuals because they are family members, and were not around any other individuals at the time of the alleged violation.

Still though, the Board of Health approved the fine, along with several other $50 fines for businesses that similarly failed to adhere to the state’s guidance on COVID-19 operation.

“It just makes no sense that we gotta have masks on when it’s me and my father if we’re not living in the same household. It makes zero sense,” store manager Ryan Moon pleaded during the meeting. “I just don’t understand how you guys keep levying fines over these things that the governor hands down but yet the gray area, there’s no answer to the gray area except ‘here’s the fine’. It’s asinine.”

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