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Law enforcement ‘reinvention’ process begins with survey in Cayuga County

Editor’s Note: The following is a re-published announcement from the Cayuga County Sheriff’s office.

Over the past month, City of Auburn and Cayuga County Officials have begun strategic measures to partner with our community to conduct an assessment and review of police services provided by the Auburn City Police Department and Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office.

This effort is being initiated to improve law enforcement services provided by both agencies and to comply with Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order #203 titled the “New York State Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative.” Locally, we have created a mission statement pertaining to this exercise that states, “Continuing with the strategies and objectives that have been employed by the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Auburn Police Department, this collaborative community effort seeks to perform a comprehensive review of current law enforcement deployments, strategies, policies, procedures, and practices in order to develop a plan that strives to improve upon them into the future.

By utilizing the synergistic “Connecting Bridges” approach, our law enforcement agencies and the people they serve will seek to partner in building mutual trust and respect through understanding of one another while emphasizing the delivery of public safety in a professional, courteous, empathetic, and sensitive way. This will be accomplished if we collectively demand that human dignity for all is the intrinsic goal for the sustained success of these efforts.”

To assist us with delivering upon this mission and as part of Cayuga County’s plan creation, we are asking for you, Cayuga County residents, to help us. You can be part of this process and have your voice and opinion heard by completing a short online survey that relates not only to the service we currently provide, but also gives you an opportunity to offer feedback relative to past experiences as well as how you envision our Sheriff’s Office should serve you in the future.

Cayuga County residents can click here to complete the survey.

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