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Cuomo predicts major spike in COVID-19 cases after Thanksgiving, says police should enforce private gathering limitations

On Wednesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo painted a grim picture of what he expected to see play out after the Thanksgiving holiday.

His estimation, a ‘tremendous spike’ in caseload across New York. He said that a variety of issues – including COVID fatigue, cold weather, and more indoor activity has led to the increase in cases.

“Thanksgiving is a holiday, and people come together, and if you don’t have a real fear about COVID, you’re going to come together,” Cuomo said. “It is going to happen, and it’s going to happen because it’s human behavior.”

The state’s positive rate sat at 3.1% on Wednesday. It’s 7-day rolling average was 2.9%.

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He said that Western New York and the Finger Lakes are the two worst region’s in the state, as far as infection and spread are concerned.

Cuomo says fear plays the biggest role in how seriously people take the virus.

“Western New York read about New York City, they read about Long Island, they watched about it on the TV news, but the numbers were never as bad in Western New York,” he said, speaking to the differences between Western New York and New York City during the spring. “I believe they didn’t have the same level of fear. What caused so many people in New York City to change their behavior? It was fear.”

No changes were announced for the yellow zones of Monroe or Onondaga counties in the Finger Lakes and Central New York.

“Every state in the nation is going up. So, success becomes what? How you’re doing relative to everybody else. That’s what success becomes. Success is not, are you defying reality? It’s how you’re doing compared to everybody else,” Cuomo continued, speaking to the challenges of keeping virus rates universally low across New York. “We are fourth in the United States of America. Come to me with anything else that we’re fourth in the USA after having had the highest infection rate in the USA. New Yorkers are doing a great job, and don’t demean them, because the entire world is going up. It’s disrespectful to New Yorkers.”

He also addressed sheriffs around the state who said they would not enforce private gathering mandates inside homes. “Nobody’s saying knock on doors, count heads, right?” he continued. “But, you come across a gathering for one reason or another and there’s 20 people there, you say this can’t happen don’t invade privacy, but if you see it, stop it,” he explained. “That is frankly frightening to me as an individual, frightening to democracy, it’s arrogant and it violates your constitutional duty. I didn’t say I swore to uphold the laws that I agree with.”