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Ontario County 911 gets new technology to boost response times to certain calls

The Ontario County 911 Center has implemented a series of technological changes or advances over the last several years.

For their part, they have stayed on the leading edge of 911 response.

That said, Ontario County 911 is doing it again with the implementation of Automated Secure Alarm Protocol, which expedites the ability to dispatch police, fire, and EMS.

Center Director Steve DeChick told News10NBC that Ontario’s 911 center is the 75th in the U.S. to get the new technology.

It went live on Friday.

“If an alarm company takes a call for service, they automatically transfer their information from their computer directly to ours.” DeChick told News10NBC.

It jumps the middle man for alarm companies. So, the alarm company can simply move that information over from their computers to that of 911. It speeds up response time because it eliminates the need for ‘communication’.

“When we’re talking about public safety, when we’re talking about trying to get people dispatched in a timely manner we want to reduce the amount of time it takes to process that call.” DeChick added.

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