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Cuomo, Trump bicker over when New York will get COVID-19 vaccine

New York won’t be receiving the COVID-19 vaccine immediately after rollout, according to President Donald Trump.

He made those remarks during an address from Washington D.C. on Friday.

It prompted Governor Andrew Cuomo to lash out at the president, who is on track to lose his re-election bid, despite claims that the election went another way.

“We’re all excited about the possibilities of a vaccine,” Cuomo said. “A number of states, New York included, to build credibility, put together their own scientific review panels, ours is headed by a Nobel Prize laureate, who will review the FDA process so we can say it is safe you can take the vaccine.”

Cuomo called it politics.

“The president lost New York state in the election by a huge margin,” Cuomo said. “You have New York prosecutors who are investigating the president for tax fraud. So he has issues with New York and he likes to point to New York. But this is his issue. It is his credibility issue. It is the fear that he politicized the health process of this nation. Which is a well-founded fear.”

The Pfizer vaccine has been found to be 90% effective in most-recent trials. It’s a positive sign that surprised many.