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John Katko holds large lead over Dana Balter in 24th District

Congressman John Katko holds a large lead over challenger Dana Balter in the 24th District.

It was a race that many expected to be a close one. The seat had even become a toss-up by some national outlets.

However, by midnight Rep. Katko had built up a lead of more than 55,000 votes.

“The results tonight make clear that Central New Yorkers made a resounding choice in this election. I am honored and humbled to have once again earned the strong support of our community,” Katko said in a statement a little before the clock turned over to Wednesday. “I promised Central New Yorkers I would act as an independent voice in Congress and work with both Republicans and Democrats to deliver bipartisan results for our region. As our nation and community emerge from this pandemic, we need strong leaders in Congress who are willing to work across party lines. The voters recognized that, and I remain committed to that work. As the outstanding absentee ballots are counted in NY24, its clear our campaign has prevailed.”

Late-Tuesday, Balter’s campaign said that they would not make any official comment on outcomes, which aligned with other Democrats who were outperformed on Election Day.

This was the second time Balter had run against Katko. She was defeated in 2018 by a smaller margin than existed after Election Day 2020.

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