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Woman charged with neglecting horses in Cayuga County says she had agreement with property owners

After a Cortland woman was charged with overdriving a half-dozen horses, leaving them malnourished at a property in Cayuga County, she has promised action after saying the owners of the property failed to provide adequate care to the animals.

New York State Police say Kayla Griffiths, of Cortland, was officially charged on Sunday, October 18th after an investigation into malnourished horses.

Investigators said the owner of the property where the horses were being kept notified police in late-August.

Eventually, a state police officer and veterinarian visited the property and found that the six horses owned by Griffiths were malnourished.

She was charged with four counts of overdriving, torturing, and injuring animals, which is part of New York Ag & Markets Law.

It’s a Class A misdemeanor, according to troopers.

One of the six horses had to be euthanized, according to follow-up reporting by The Auburn Citizen.

Meanwhile, Griffiths told The Citizen that she had an agreement with people at the property to feed and care for the horses. The single-mother who is working multiple jobs admitted she understood where the law stood on the matter. “I did the best I could with three kids,” she added in that conversation with them.

She noted that litigation is possible against the property owners down the road.