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What should you do if a dog attacks you?

The last thing anyone expects is to be attacked and bitten by a dog. Unfortunately, dog attacks often happen without warning, which can leave victims in a state of shock. Knowing what to do after a dog attack can help you stay calm and help you get the evidence you’ll need in case you end up in court.

I Just Got Attacked By A Dog: What Do I Do?

It’s easy and natural to panic if you’ve just been attacked by a dog, but taking these steps is vital to protecting your health and finances.

Get Names and Contact Information

After a dog attack, be sure to get the name of the dog’s owner, if they are present, and the names of any witnesses, along with their contact information. This information is necessary if you file an insurance claim. Even if you don’t intend to take legal action against the dog’s owner at the time, having this information gives you that option in the future.

You might feel okay in the immediate aftermath of a dog bite, but you may have injuries you don’t notice, or your current ones could require lengthy (and expensive) treatment.

Photograph the Evidence

Take pictures of anything that could be considered evidence of the attack, such as your wounds, the dog, and, if possible, the owner. You’ll also want to take pictures of the surrounding area to show where the attack occurred, such as around a corner with no visibility or in a narrow alleyway.

Seek Medical Attention

After a dog attack, it’s important to seek out medical care, even if you don’t think the bite is serious. Dogs can transmit diseases, including the following:

If you are bitten by a stray, or if the owner is uncooperative, you might not have any way to confirm that the animal is up to date on its shots. Bites and scratches can also become infected if left untreated, and you may have other injuries as a result of the attack. Keep records of all of your medical records, including your visits and expenses. If you are the owner of the dog, do not take getting a medical examination for granted. You can also avoid this incident in the future by training your dog and calming them. You can see the guide on KarmaPets for that.

Contact Animal Control

Once you are in a safe position to do so, contact Animal Control officers in your city and notify them of the dog attack. They will have records of previous dog attacks if the dog that attacked you might have already been picked up for a previous incident. It will increase the strength of your claim if you can prove that the owner already knew the dog was dangerous.

Animal Control may also wish to quarantine the dog for a set period of time to ensure that it does not have rabies and that you aren’t infected. Don’t worry about those horror stories you’ve heard about getting injections in your stomach. Rabies treatment has made advancements, and today treatment involves getting an injection in the deltoid muscle of your upper arm.

Obtain Legal Representation

There’s a chance you may wind up in court to get legal recourse after a dog bite, which makes it important to obtain legal representation. A personal injury lawyer will be able to help you navigate local laws and determine the liability of the owner. Even if you decide not to go to court, your attorney can help to negotiate your claim outside of court to help you achieve a settlement.

A dog attack can be a traumatic experience, but knowing what steps to take after it can help you to heal and to move on. Any compensation you collect for your damages will help you pay for the medical treatment and therapy you may need to put it all behind you.

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