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What will happen if a student tests positive for COVID-19? That policy will vary district-by-district in the Finger Lakes

If a student tests positive this fall – what will happen?

That has been a major question among parents, who are looking at district’s plans to reopen schools this fall.

Many districts are still trying to navigate the planning phase, but those that have figured it out already say it will be a fairly simple process.

Penfield Central School District says it will isolate students who test positive until a parent or guardian can pick them up.

The local health department will then step in and assist with contact tracing, according to News10NBC, who spoke with the district.

“Students wearing masks and practicing physical distancing during the school day may not be considered in close proximate contact to the person confirmed positive, but that will be a health department decision,” Penfield says in their FAQ portion of the website, setup for parents who wonder how this fall will go.

Primary care physicians will play a major role in determining what students should, or should not get tested as the fall rolls forward.

Meanwhile, students with a fever that don’t get tested for COVID will be out for 10 days, or until they are fever-free for 72 hours.

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